C2- Explore Careers on GoldPASS

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The purpose of this guide is to learn how to utilize the GoldPASS system to aid you in exploring different career opportunities. 


GoldPASS is the U of M listings site created just for U of M students and alumni. On it you can find thousands of listings for jobs, internships, and volunteer positions. You can upload resumes for employers to access, sign up for on-campus recruiting opportunities, and see upcoming career fairs and events through your college.


Go to GoldPASS and log in. If you are new to GoldPASS, the following resources can help you get started and provide some great tips on how to best use GoldPASS

  1. GoldPASS Video Tutorials created by CLA Career Services to get an introduction and learn how to set up your account.
  2. GoldPASS User Guide , created by Career & Internship Services provides tips for how to search for jobs, on-campus interviews and events, how to upload documents, and more.

Once you have created your account, there are several features of GoldPASS that can help you explore and learn about career opportunities. Listed below are steps to help you search through job and internship postings. You will also find tips on how to use the Employer Search. Looking at job and internship postings is a great way to get a better sense of what real employers are looking for, and also to see current job descriptions in career fields you may be interested in.

Search Job and Internship Postings

  1. Put your cursor over the Job Search menu and select "Job Search."
  2. To narrow your search, click on Advanced Search and fill in criteria such as position type or job category. Then click Search.
    NOTE: When narrowing your search by job category, think about the general type of work you think you might enjoy doing (Advertising, working with Children and Families, Engineering, etc.). Don't worry at this stage about how the work may relate to majors. It can also be helpful to narrow down the position type if you are only interested in seeing internships vs. entry-level positions.
  3. Scroll through your search results. When you see an interesting job title, click on the Job ID # to see the full details. (If your search generated too many results to browse, try narrowing your search a little bit)
  4. Review the job profile thoroughly-here are some things to consider:
    1. What company is hiring this position?
    2. Where is this job located?
    3. What is its job description? Does the job sound interesting?
    4. What are the qualifications of the job? What qualifications do you already meet? Are there certain skills or experiences you would need to gain in order to be qualified?
    5. What are the hours and expected salary for the job? Does this meet your expectations?
    6. What degrees/majors are required for the job? Is the employer asking for a specific major?
  5. Take notes on the jobs you found that you are most interested in, or print off copies of the position descriptions to write on or save for future reference.

Additional GoldPASS Features

The Employer Search feature of GoldPASS allows students to search for employers as a way for students to learn more about organizations related to your career interests. All employers listed on the directory have also agreed to allow students to contact them directly, so this can be a great way to find potential connections for informational interviews . Use the following steps to get started:

  1. Select the “Find Empolyers” tab at the top left of the page. This will bring you to the Employer Search page.
  2. Search for organizations using either the “Organization Name” or “City” search boxes or the “Advanced Search” option located next to the green “Search” button. Using the Advanced Search allows you to search by industry if you don’t have a particular employer in mind.
  3. Scroll through the generated list of Employers and select those of interest.
  4. Read through the employer profile, including the brief description of the employer, located at the top of the page. Profiles may also contain corresponding websites, as well as a personal contact located at the bottom of the page. Be sure to check the "Openings" section of each Employer's profile to see if there are any job postings or open events.
  5. Continue research of Employers by following links and contact information on the Employer Profile. Don't forget, all of the Employers listed on the directory have agreed to allow student contact, so reach out! See our "Informational Interview" guide for tips. Be professional, be intentional, and explore!

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