C5-What Can I Do With a Major In?

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The Purpose of this worksheet is to gather career information associated with your majors of interest.


This Action Guide will help you start to examine potential career opportunities related to majors offered through the University of Minnesota. Each undergraduate college has gathered information on their majors including sample job titles, alumni stories, skills gained, and related professional associations, to provide you with more information to answer the question, "What can I do with a major in....?".


Exercise #1: Exploring Majors on the CAPE Website

Using the Major Profiles section of the CAPE website, select three majors you would like to further explore.

  1. Click on the Career Info link that is associated with your major of interest.
  2. Review sample job titles. If there are links to alumni profiles, click on them to learn more about their specific job title.
  3. Review the list of companies/industries that typically hire this major (if provided).
  4. See if there is a list of professional associations related to this major or career field. Spend some time investigating these resources.
  5. Click around to explore other sections of the college's career center website. Some colleges have videos that highlight careers, employment statistics of recent grads, and much more.

Exercise #2: Exploring Careers via U of MN Alumni & Other Professionals In the Workplace

Use the “college majors” section of the Candid Careers website to hear personal career stories from University of Minnesota alumni and other professionals. Learn about their own career paths and gain some tips for your own career exploration.

  1. Go to the Candid Careers website (make sure you are logged into your U of M google account)
  2. Click on the “Explore Careers” menu. Then click on “College Majors”. You will then be brought to a page where video are sorted alphabetically by major. You can either select your majors by clicking on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the first letter of the major or you can click on “view all”. Videos featuring U of MN alumni will automatically populate to the top of the page while videos from other professionals will populate towards the bottom of the page. 
  3. Select at least three different majors you would like to explore and watch and/or listen to at least one video for each major. Because this is a new resource, some majors may only have one video. 

Please note that not all U of MN majors will be represented on the Candid Careers site. Some majors represented on the Candid Careers site may not exist at the U of MN or may be similar to an existing U of MN major but may have a different name.

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C5: What Can I Do With a Major In