DM2-Comparing Majors

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The purpose of this Action Guide is to think through the things you like and dislike about the major(s) you are thinking of.


Making a pros and cons list about a particular decision you are struggling with can often help break down the specific things you may like or dislike about making the decision. This exercise is designed to help you explore and compare different majors so that you can see the potential benefits and challenges of each option.  If you have your choice of major narrowed down to 2-3 options, this can be a good time to do a more in-depth analysis of what appeals to you about each major. For more information about each major, visit the Major Profiles. 


For each major you are considering, reflect on what you like (the pros) and what you dislike (the cons) about the major. List them in the form below.  If you would like to type or draw out your responses, you may use DrawIsland (, Word or the drawing tool of your choice; save the file and upload it below.

Here are some examples of things to consider:

  • Do you think you will enjoy most of the classes in the major?
  • How long will it take you to complete the major if you declare it tomorrow?
  • How does the major relate to your career goals?
  • Does this major require an application, a certain GPA, prerequisite courses? Do you feel that these requirements are manageable and realistic for you? (See the Reality Check Action Guide if you are unsure.)
  • Will you need to transfer colleges to declare this major?
  • Do you think this major is a good match for your skills and strengths?

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DM2: Comparing Majors