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The purpose of this Action Guide is to help you explore student groups on campus.  The U has hundreds of student groups to join and this guide can help you start thinking about the types of group(s) you want to join.


One way to get involved on campus and meet other students is by joining a student group. In addition to meeting new people, student groups can help connect you with people who share similar interests, develop leadership skills, or explore new opportunities. It can also be a great way to gain valuable experience that may help you figure out your major or career interests.


1. The U has many students groups and it might feel overwhelming to know which group(s) to choose. One way we suggest you start your search is by thinking about the types of groups you want to join. Do you want it to be related to a major? Do you have a hobby you want to do with other people? Is there a cause or topic you want to support? Here is a list of ways to sort the student groups. Think about which areas interest you and write them down.

Academic and Educational Political and Social Action
Cultural and Diversity Publication and Communications
Environmental/Sustainability Religious Affiliated
Fine Arts/Music/Film Service
Fraternity/Sorority Special Interest and Hobby
Governing Bodies and Departmental Boards Sports Clubs and Recreation
Performance Groups

2. Go to the Student Engagement page at http://engage.umn.edu/

3. Click Gopher Link to access events, organizations and news on campus. Click on the Organizations section to start searching student groups.  In this section, you can filter by the categories you noted above or search key words in the search function. In order to access the extent of information for each group, be sure to login to Gopher Link using your U of M account.

4. Once you have narrowed your search, click on an organization’s link to learn more about their group as well as find a contact, website, and how to become involved.

5. Use the space below to write notes and contact information about student groups you would like to explore. 

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E1: Student Groups