M1-U of M Majors Worksheet

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The purpose of this guide is to help you discover what majors exist at the U of M and to narrow your list of majors that may be a potential fit.


Many people often try to find "the right" major. In that process, they don't realize that knowing what they are not interested in is just as important. This exercise is meant to help you narrow down the large list of U of M majors to a few more realistic options.


  1. Print out the U of M Majors List Handout available below.
  2. Begin by reading through each of the majors on the list and cross off the ones you know you have no interest in pursuing.
  3. If you find majors you have never heard or are curious about, gather information by visiting the Major Profiles for a description of the major, course requirements, and career information.

Exploring Majors: U of M Majors & Resources

Printable Versions

M1: U of M Majors Wkst

M1: U of M Majors List