M5-Explore Graduate/Professional School

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The purpose of this guide is to help you explore your graduate or professional school options and begin to set some personal goals.


While you may have a good idea about what you want to do after college, you might still be unsure about which courses, majors, or activities will best enable you to reach your goals. This guide will help you learn more about graduate and professional schools so you can become better prepared for your chosen program or area of graduate study while you are in still in college.


Complete one or more of the following to help you consider graduate/professional school:

  1. Check out pre-requisites for programs and/or schools you are considering. Some programs, such as medical school, have a specific list of prerequisites, while other programs, like law school, don't require any particular courses before beginning the program. If you aren't sure what program you are thinking about, start with a list of graduate programs offered at the University of Minnesota to give you an idea of the broad range of options. Professional programs at the University of Minnesota (law, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, etc.) are located here.
  2. Attend a graduate or professional school information session. You can learn about information sessions by visiting the program's website (check the links above for help).
  3. Talk with people about programs for which you might have an interest. Professors, current graduate students in the program, or, if possible, an admissions representative from the program can all be helpful resources. Ask about the kinds of classes, experiences and majors that best prepare students to excel in the program.
  4. Visit your college career office. They likely have a wealth of information on graduate programs and how to begin preparing now in order to increase your chances of success. To find your career office, visit Career Services page.
  5. Explore student groups that focus on your area of interest. This can be a great (and fun!) way to network and learn about different options from fellow students. You can learn about available student groups by visiting Studet Group Directory.
  6. If applicable, take a class that helps you explore the profession (ex. PHAR 1001).

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M5: Explore Graduate/Professional School