SA1 - Strengths Quest Assessment

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The purpose of this Action Guide is to help you identify your natural strengths and to
help you reflect on how your strengths can aid you in your major and career


The StrengthsQuest (SQ) is an online assessment used to help you identify your natural strengths, which can be utilzed in making decisions and reaching your goals.  According to the SQ, being aware of your talents can help build confidence and may lead to greater satisfaction in school, work, and other relationships. This handout provides key definitions related to the SQ and includes several exercises for you to utilize after completing the SQ assessment. 


Talent = an innate, naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior.
Knowledge= The sum of key learning or discovery acquired via past experience.
Skills= Acquired competency, facility, or proficiency gained from education or experience.
Taken together, Talents + Knowledge + Skills = Strengths
Strength= Ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity. To build your strengths, first identify your talents and then add knowledge and skills.

Procedure (if you have already taken StrengthsQuest):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign in” in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Enter your username and password. 
  4. Under the "Your Reports" tab, download the "Strengths Insight Report." 
  5. Review your report. Consider what is a major theme or insight of each Strength as well as how your particular strengths appear in your daily life.
  6. Complete the Exercises and Reflection Prompts in this guide. 

Exercise 1: Verifying Your Signature Themes with Friends and Family

Find two people who know you very well and whom you trust, and let them know about your Signature Themes. Be sure to provide your contact with a short summary of the SQ themes beforehand. Ask them specific questions about each of your five Signature Themes:

  • Do you see this as one of my strengths? How so? Give examples. 
  • Are you surprised that this is one of my strengths? 
  • What other skills or strengths do you think I posess? Why? 

Exercise 2: Relating Strengths to a Major or Career

Complete the following steps:

  • Below, list one major or career you are interested in.
  • List one of your five strengths.
  • Give an example of a time you used that strength. (It could be at a past job, volunteer experience, school activity, class, etc.)

As a high school senior, I was assigned a group project in my biology class. One of the group members was sick the day of our presentation. I knew the material she was going to discuss,  so I jumped in and presented her portion. Because of my ADAPTABILITY, we were able to cover all the necessary information and receive full credit.

Now, list how you could use this strength in your future major or career.

Exercise 3: Action Items

  1. Go to and log-in.
  2. Click on “Your Action Items" near the top of the page. 
  3. Under the heading "Student Action Items", click on the green "View" button.
  4. Review the action items related to each of your strengths. These action items will include suggestions for tasks to help you grow as a person as well as comments on how to nurture each of your strengths. 
  5. Select the action items you think would be useful for you, with a goal of selecting at least one item for each Strength. Print your action items list or email a copy to yourself. 

Please upload the results of your exercises.  If you would like to draw your exercises, results, and reflections,  you can use your favorite drawing program or DrawIsland, save the file and upload it as you would your typed results.

Printable Versions

SA1: StrengthsQuest Assessment
Instructions for Taking the StrengthsQuest Assessment
34 Strengths Quick Reference