SA4-Identifying Values

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This Action Guide will help you identify your core values and begin to prioritize what is most important to you.


Values refer to your priorities for your life and career – in other words, what is most important to you. Some common values include prestige, money, achievement, recognition, creativity, and autonomy. Many students are unaware of their core values; others experience a situation in which their core values are not aligned with their career path (i.e. a person values money and compensation but is drawn to a career in a lower-paying industry). Being aware of your core values may help you identify your goals and prioritize how you spend your time.


  1. Go to Career Values Card Sort. Read each of the Values cards and sort them into one of the 3 columns, based on how important that value is to you in your work and life.
  2. Once you have sorted all the values, look only at the values in your "Most Important" column. Write your Top 5 "Most Important" values below.
  3. Looking at the values from the "Somewhat Important" column, narrow the list down to your top 5 values within that column. Write your  "Top 5 Somewhat Important Values" below.

 If you would like type or draw out your responses, you may use DrawIsland, Word or the drawing tool of your choice; save the file and upload it below.

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SA4: Identifying Values