W2-Academic Wellbeing

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The purpose of this guide is to help you think about your “Academic Wellbeing” – how well you are able to handle the demands of your coursework. For the purpose of this guide, academic wellbeing involves tools and resources to help be successful in your classes.


Academically well students are skilled in a variety of areas. Balancing class, study time, work, exams, activities, friends, and family can be a challenge, especially during the busiest times of the semester.  Developing strategies and habits that help you to complete assignments and prepare for exams efficiently will allow you more time to attend to social, familial, and work activities. Feeling more in control of your academic wellbeing will lead to greater wellness and balance in the many facets of your life.


This guide will help you reflect on and assess your academic wellbeing and provide resources to guide you in improving your skills in areas related to academic success.

First, think about which areas you find challenging or need more support and identify areas where you want to focus:

  • Time management

  • Study habits

  • Note taking

  • Test taking

  • Final exam preparation

Based on the areas you identified, use the link provided to access self-paced tutorials through Effective U. Each section provides tips and resources for dealing with academic challenges you are encountering.

Manage your time

Boost Your Study Habits

Take Better Notes

Test Like an Ace

Final Exam Prep

If you would like to talk in-person about improving your academic success, set up an appointment with an Academic Skills Coach through Student Academic Success Services (SASS). Click here to lean more about the resource and schedule an appointment.  

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W2: Academic Wellbeing