W2-Academic Wellbeing

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The purpose of this guide is to help you think about your “Academic Wellbeing” – how well you are able to handle the demands of your coursework. For the purpose of this guide, academic wellbeing involves effective time management and productive study habits.


Academically well students are skilled in time management and studying effectively. Balancing class, study time, work, activities, friends, and family can be a challenge, especially during the busiest times of the semester. Developing study habits that allow you to complete assignments and prepare for exams efficiently will allow you more time to attend to social, familial, and work activities. In this way, developing good study habits helps you better manage your time, which in turn leads to greater wellness and balance in the many parts of your life.

This guide will help you reflect on and assess your study habits and time management, and provide resources to help you improve your skills in both areas.


Time Management: How Do You Currently Use Your Time?

The first step to enhancing your time management, is to assess how you currently utilize your time and to see where improvements could be made. Using the Time Awareness Exercise, you can keep track of how you spend your time each week, and then identify chunks of time you could use more effectively. If keeping track of your time for a week seems too difficult, try doing it for at least 3 days.

Study Skills: How to Study Smarter

Successful studying in college involves many facets: effective note-taking, reading, memorizing, and test taking, just to name a few. For great suggestions on how to maximize your skills in each of these areas, check out the suggestions laid out in Instant Study Skills. Think of at least one area of your studying or test taking you would like to improve in. Try to find at least one suggestion in each of the 5 sections that you can implement to build your study skills.

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