W4-Physical Wellbeing

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The purpose of this guide is to help you learn more about your physical vibrancy, and how you can make small choices in how you eat, move, and sleep in order to make a big change in how you feel and the energy you have in completing your academic and career goals.


Your physical wellbeing is less about how you look, and more about how you feel. We make seemingly small, but eventually significant, choices about our physical wellbeing every day, including the foods we eat (or don’t eat), the exercise we do (or don’t do), the sleep we get (or don’t get). The decisions we make each day about how we eat, move, and sleep, have sizeable impacts on our ability to get things done and perform up to our expectations. You don’t have to be a health guru to feel the benefits of these positive choices, and this guide will help you make small choices that will lead to big changes in the way you feel.


Part 1

Go to Eat Move Sleep and follow the instructions to complete the self-assessment. After you complete the self-assessment, you will receive a personalized Eat Move Sleep 30 day plan. 

Then use the form below to answer questions about your self-assessment.

Part 2

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities has some of the best resources available to help you make positive choices to support your physical wellbeing.

  • The University Recreation & Wellness Center offers exercise classes and equipment. 
  • Physical Education courses are available each semester. Find them by using the “Class Schedule” from OneStop, searching “Physical Education –PE”.
  • Take a free yoga, pilates, or tai chi class through Boynton Health Services
  • Discounted massage therapy is available through Boynton Health Services. 
  • Biking can be great exercise. Parking and Transportation Services has biking resources, including Nice Ride rental bikes. 

Then use the form below to answer questions about these services.

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W4: Physical Wellbeing