W5-Purpose Wellbeing

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This guide is designed as an opportunity to explore ideas of personal life purpose.


We often think of life purpose as a large and daunting topic, very much out of our control. It can be useful to take some time to consider our understanding of life purpose and how it impacts our academic and personal story. In the case of this action guide, you will be asked to explore purpose through self-reflection exercises focusing on what you know, where you came from, and where you are going. Through these exercises, you will begin to identify parts of your life that are important to you in helping to create a definition of purpose unique to you and your journey.


  1. Go to the Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing website to read an introduction about Life Purpose. 
  2. Complete one or both of the following exercises:
    a) Uncovering clues to your life purpose: On a piece of paper create four headings: Things I love to do, Things I’m passionate about, Things I’m naturally good at, and Things of importance to me. Take a few minutes to reflect on these topics and write at least 3 items under each heading.
    b) Purpose moments: Complete the Life Spiral Exercise to help you reflect on important life experiences you have had, and how they might be informing your life purpose. 
  3. Based on the reading and completion of one, or both, of the exercises above, create one goal that you can complete in the next month to help you learn more about developing life purpose.

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W5: Purpose Wellbeing