How have you made decisions in the past? What motivates you? Awareness of the motivational style that drives the way you make decisions can help you be intentional when deciding on a major. Use these Action Guides to increase your decision-making skills, as well as learn how to develop goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART).

DM1- Decision-Making Style


The purpose of this Action Guide is to understand how you make decisions and apply that understanding to your major search.


Making decisions, and how we decide what to do next, affects the quality of our personal and professional lives. Flexibility in decision-making styles has been shown to both strengthen personal relationships and serve as a hallmark of successful students.

DM2-Comparing Majors


The purpose of this Action Guide is to think through the things you like and dislike about the major(s) you are thinking of.


Making a pros and cons list about a particular decision you are struggling with can often help break down the specific things you may like or dislike about making the decision. This exercise is designed to help you explore and compare different majors so that you can see the potential benefits and challenges of each option.  If you have your choice of major narrowed down to 2-3 options, this can be a good time to do a more in-depth analysis of what appeals to you about each major. 

DM3-Develop SMART Goals Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to set realistic goals and define steps you will take to achieve them.


It is fairly simple to state a goal; we all do it all the time. Achieving the goal can often be the part that is difficult. By using SMART goals, you will give yourself the best possible chance of achieving the things you want.

DM4-What is Your Motivation Style


The purpose of this action guide is to help you understand what drives you to do something and to apply that understanding to your current situation as you explore majors.


We are all driven to do things for a variety of external and internal reasons. This Action Guide will help you identify your preferred motivation style in order to understand what motivates you to take action and also to learn. You can then apply this knowledge to your major decision making process.